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1656 Nash Road, Unit #11 Courtice, ON L1E 2Y4

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Mon-Fri: 11am - 7:30pm
Sat: Closed • Sun: 9am - 3pm

The Respite Club is located in the heart of Courtice, Ontario, Canada at 1656 Nash Road, Unit 11, in the Bittmore Plaza. Easy access via Trulls Road from highway 401 or the 407.
The Respite Club offers a modern, bright, and tranquil atmosphere. Our space includes a 1200 square foot play centre designed with a variety of adaptive toys and gross-motor activities, a large ball pit to develop fine motor skills , a snoezelen calming area, bubble tube and fibre optics, a chill out space for youth, special seating for pressure seekers, and a multi-purpose room for tailored and community events.

Be Kind! There is no wrong way to play here. Play with our fun and function toys your own way—your child can’t get in trouble here! We just ask that you be mindful of those around you. Safe play can look a lot of different ways so we are open to all authentic ways that our members can have fun.

FAQs About the Space

FAQs About Services

We are a member-based facility. The initial cost savings compared to the pay-per-visit pricing makes it worthwhile. We also offer member-only perks and exclusive activities. Our goal is to inspire positive change and we want you to be a part of it as members of The Respite Club!

Memberships include all members of the immediate family unit—no extra fees per child!

Not currently. We do have 3rd party referral partnerships to help families find a care worker to supervise their loved one while at The Respite Club. The motivation behind this decision is to grant parents/caregivers the control and flexibility to hire a care worker that is the best match for their family. Please contact us if you need help finding a care worker.

While we provide an invoice for all paid services, we never guarantee reimbursement from special needs funding. Please check with your service navigation provider.

Your guest count for any private event booking includes EVERYONE attending. Total guest counts cannot exceed 15 people. We intentionally keep our numbers low to create a calm space for all.

Yes. Our intimate space has a limit of 5 members (with their supervisors), on a first-come, first-serve. Families are required to pre-book one hour blocks—allowed to book up to three hours consecutively. BOOKING COMING SOON!

We include free admission for each caregiver paired with a member/care recipient.

You are required to supervise your loved one at all times while at The Respite Club. Our space is not a licensed childcare facility, and our staff is not trained or liable in that way. A parent/caregiver, guardians, respite worker, PSW, CYW, family member or other authorized individuals must be present at all times, and are responsible for the safety and behaviour of the member within their care. Please contact us if you need help finding a care worker.

Yes, you can find it for here (coming soon!) We encourage all guests to fill out the waiver at the time of memberships purchase, or before they arrive for pay-per-visit play.

Yes, socks are required! We ask that all footwear must be left at the front entrance. If this is difficult for your child, please notify the front desk for alternatives. If you do not have socks with you when you arrive, no worries—we sell both child and adult sizes for a nominal fee. Thank you for helping to keep our facility clean & safe for everyone.

FAQs About Your Visit

FAQs About Inclusivity

We have designed our space to meet legislated standards with all aspects of safety, comfort, and inclusivity. However, due to limited capacity, we cannot guarantee the accommodation for all mobility devices. Please contact us to ask a question or to book a tour.

We truly have comprehensive offerings for children and youth of any age, and based on intellectual abilities.
Every effort is made on our part to observe common allergens. However, our facility is open to the public and we cannot always control what comes into the space.
We can connect you with something priceless for parents like you – other parents! The Respite Club is a community that special needs parents can lean into, especially during those early days of diagnosis. Many of our staff and members have been exactly where you are right now – going through their first diagnosis, attending their first IEP meeting, or even considering respite care for the first time. We’re all about building a tight-knit group of special needs parents, and we’re here to make it happen with our inclusive open play, member events, and community building. So, come join us and let’s support each other on this incredible journey!
No, everyone is welcome, no matter their ability, race, sensory needs, or development.We intentionally created this to be a safe and judgement-free space for anyone who have needs not met in other public play facilities. inclusion is one of our core values.