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Welcome to the Respite Club

Rose is a professional, mom of 2 autistic sons, and the founder of The Respite Club. In her journey of raising two exceptional young men, she realized the lack of inclusive spaces was making her journey harder than needed.

Our Vision

Our vision for The Respite Club (TRC) is to offer a community space that empowers caregivers and their loved one to enjoy a rich and rewarding life. We want to empower all of our members to live fully.

Our Mission

It is our mission at TRC to create an inclusive community play centre that helps enhance and uplift the caregiving journey for neurodivergent, delayed, disabled, or exceptional children and youth.

We Value Inclusion

Through a supportive and nurturing environment, we concentrate on discovering the individual uniqueness, interests, and talents of all our members.

We Value Safety

We promise fun and function in a safe and judgement-free space where our guests can find peace, comfort, and joy.

We Value Community

We promote a community of understanding and compassion that helps our members plan a life that reflects their potential, possibilities, and dreams.

What We Are

What We Are Not

Our Story So Far - From Founder, Rose Senior

Welcome to The Respite Club, an inclusive out-of-home play centre designed to enhance and uplift the caregiving journey for neurodivergent, delayed, disabled, or exceptional children and youth.

As a proud mom of two children with autism and intellectual disability, I understand the challenges that parents and caregivers face when seeking community spaces that offer sensory-friendly recreational play.

Having experienced firsthand the isolation that comes with having children with developmental delays or disabilities, I know how challenging it can be to manage everyday life.

Sensory-friendly playtime should not be an afterthought in family entertainment centres, and yet, it often is. Many places offer sensory sensitivity options for only one hour per week, which may not be convenient for children with disabilities.

Moreover, neurotypical families are often encouraged to wait until sensory play ends before attending, creating further barriers for inclusive family experiences.

This realization sparked the vision for The Respite Club to be an ordinary yet extraordinary place in the community that celebrates diversity, promotes understanding, and fosters a sense of belonging for all children and youth.

We aim to break the norm and provide sensory sensitivity play all day, every day, ensuring that families can access inclusive playtime whenever they need it. No longer will caregivers have to constantly apologize or endure uncomfortable stares of judgment.

The Respite Club strives to create an environment where all children can play, learn, and thrive together, regardless of their unique abilities.

The journey to the launch of The Respite Club has been a labor of love, driven by the desire to provide something better for my own children and other families facing similar challenges. Our mission is to create a haven where children and youth with various abilities can explore, create, and enjoy themselves freely, while their caregivers find support, understanding, and a sense of belonging.

At The Respite Club, we believe that an inclusive and welcoming environment is essential for building a stronger and more compassionate community.

Together, let’s create a space where every child is celebrated and included, and where caregivers can find the support they need on their caregiving journey. Join us at The Respite Club, where love, acceptance, and play come together to create a brighter future for all. – Rose